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Press highlights include:

On "The Huckabee Show" on FOX, Catey helps viewers get out of debt.

On "The Early Show" on CBS, Catey helps viewers save money at the movies.

Check out more TV appearances by Catey: ABC, the CW, FOX Business News and FOX (to view FOX segment, click image of blonde girl above video player).

People says SHOO, Jimmy Choo! is one of "the best of the new crop of personal finance books."
- Yay! There were only four books chosen!!

The New York Times calls the book's advice "solid."
- OK, so she didn't love the title ... but hey, it wasn't exactly targeted to her readers!

The Associated Press says SHOO, Jimmy Choo! is "eye-opening for anyone who embraces a lifestyle of pampering and shopping."

Access Hollywood features SHOO, Jimmy Choo! on its Glam Slam segment.

Allure highlights SHOO, Jimmy Choo! in its "Beauty and the Beat" column.
- Yay! There were only four books chosen!!

Cosmopolitan uses Catey's banking tips in its "Shameless Money-Saving Tricks" column.

On "View from the Bay" on ABC, Catey dishes on spending triggers.

Forbes says SHOO, Jimmy Choo! will "whip your budget into shape."

Time adds SHOO, Jimmy Choo! to its "Notable New Books" list.

On "Good Day Street Talk" on FOX, Catey chats about what we buy and why we buy it.
(NOTE: To fastforward to Catey's segment, click on image of blonde girl right below video player.)

MSN Money talks to Catey about the effects of "Sex and the City" on our finances.

On WPIX (NY's CW network), Catey shows New York how to figure out their spending styles.

Woman's World features Catey as one of its "Ultimate Experts."(Link coming soon.)

The Huffington Post's fabulous Manisha Thakor (author of "On My Own Two Feet") talks to Catey about money. video: Catey tries to whip the boys into (financial) shape ...
... But ends up making a fashion faux pas - um, I swear the dress wasn't too short when I wore it to the interview!

Publisher's Weekly calls Catey's writing "colorful."
Hehe, I bet they liked all the excessive martini consumption scattered throughout the book!

On Moms Making a Million radio show, Catey's tips on how to save $500 in a single month.
(Fastforward to minute 14. Edited clip coming soon.)

Other notable press includes:

The Oklahoman
, Detroit Free Press,, Lovett (yeah, yeah, so Lovett is my alma mater, but after years of cringeworthy high school, I'm glad they're giving something back so it's goin' on this list!),

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Please note that clips from Catey's 20-city radio tour are available upon request.


"I came across Catey Hill's new book, Shoo, Jimmy Choo! - and now I can't put it down. Her book is loaded with great financial advice..."
- Savvy Sugar for the SECOND time - yay!

"This book is the perfect entree into personal finance for someone who usually uses the phrase 'good investment' in reference to big-ticket retail items."
- Maurna Desmond, Markets Reporter,

"A fun, easy-to-read guide for navigating the mean streets of money management."
- Anna Vander Broek, Markets Reporter,

Catey Hill

Catey Hill is the money columnist
for Seventeen, a writer for Smart Money online and the author of "SHOO, Jimmy Choo! The Modern Girl's Guide to Spending Less and Saving More" (Sterling, 2010). Catey has been an expert source on personal finance for "The Early Show" on CBS, Access Hollywood, Cosmopolitan, Woman's World, "The Huckabee Show" on FOX, among others, and her work has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Allure, The New York Times, and more. Previously, Catey was the money editor for the New York Daily News online and the financial marketing manager for Forbes. Catey lives in New York City.

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